Skylark Infantry recognizes the importance of uniform accessories like field caps, Rosettes, belts, and buckles, etc., which is why its items are of excellent quality. Their sword knots were meticulously created to retain the gleam and sparkle of the garment’s superior quality components. A single accessory that combines quality and fashion is, indeed, the classic indication of a military fashion trend about to explode.

The sophisticated sword knots with leather detailing, cool and comfortable braiding and cross-body straps are a unique amalgamation of comfort with high-end fashion and utility that will leave your colleagues in awe!

  •         Durable and strong

They are made from 100% pure leather being soft and odorless. The canvas has a hardware buckle that can be adjusted according to the size of the user.

  •         No back pain

The adjustable straps help in maintaining the comfort level of the user. They can hold the sword tightly. Also, they are specially designed in a way to reduce pain while holding the sword.

  •         Diversity of function

It can be used by senior officers and commercially by local officers for daily purposes. They enhance the look of your military dress.

The military ceremonial sword knots, buttons, and belts have a simple and modern design language that is both functional and appealing. The metal rods that hold the strings in place are robust. Some of them also have a PVC leather finish similar to leather but lighter and more water-resistant. They have a wavy design that adds to the overall look. In the modern design language, symmetrical design and minimalist dimensions are combined into one. Stability and dependability are provided through the design. Find unique and elegant accessories at skylark infecting!

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Foot guards officer gold sword knot

Original price was: £60.Current price is: £45.

Gold bullion sword knot

Original price was: £60.Current price is: £45.

Household cavalry sword knot

Original price was: £60.Current price is: £45.

Lieutenant silver maroon sword knot

Original price was: £60.Current price is: £45.

Naval uniform sword knot

Original price was: £60.Current price is: £45.