Any piece of material that encircles and secures the waist is referred to as a belt. Leather, cloth, and metal are among the most popular choices. Both men and women wear belts in various cultures around the world to define the stylish waistline and for a variety of additional purposes

The belt buckle’s main function is to keep your belt closed, but it can also convey a narrative. Belt buckles exist in various shapes, sizes, and styles, and each one is different.

Belts can also be used to expose one’s identity. In the military, opposing armies or regiments and different branches of the service are identifiable by the color ribbon they wore, for example, general officers: buff; cavalry officers: yellow; and medical officers: emerald. 

Buckles are a common belt fastening method. A metal frame buckle will frequently catch holes drilled in the belt. To attach a belt, the end of the belt is sometimes threaded through the buckle or buttons. Other belt buckles connect to the belt to keep it in place. 

We, at skylark infantry, offer military belts and buckles that are quite decorated, fabric-covered, rhinestone-studded, or intricately carved or molded. We have military belts and buckles made of bone and shell that were very popular in the early twentieth century. Out Western belt buckles are the most complex in terms of unique design and size.

If you have any concerns or require custom slings, belts, and buckles, shoulder boards, etc., please contact us.

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Army Brocade Belt and Buckle

Original price was: £120.Current price is: £80.

Black SS Brocade Belt and Buckle

Original price was: £120.Current price is: £80.

M1916 Leather Belt Dark Brown

Original price was: £80.Current price is: £50.

Royal Air Force Stable Belt

Original price was: £130.Current price is: £90.

WW1 German Naval Belt

Original price was: £120.Current price is: £85.

WW2 US Olive Pistol Belt Brass

Original price was: £80.Current price is: £40.