Military outfits have detachable metal or cloth shoulder boards as a crucial component. They’re great for a cap, collar, shoulder, arm, or cuff. Military German shoulder boards can be sewn or held in place with metal pins or ‘sliders.’ They can recognize a serviceman’s rank, regiment or ship, qualification or specialty trade, and distinguish individuals who have received heroism honors, have served for a long time, or have previously been wounded. Larger formations within which their unit is currently serving may also wear shoulder boards and embroidered badges. As a result, badges on military uniforms change with time, and they can be used to date and identify portrait images

At skylark infantry, we have a large selection of British WW2 shoulder boards, slides, pins, badges, and patches in metal and cloth. The shoulder titles were mostly worn during World War II to make the visual identification of distinct troops easier. Please see our collection below to get a better description and understanding of the products available.

We’ve made personalized patches for our military members for a variety of reasons, and we appreciate their service. Outfits, missions, remembrances, events, rank and affiliation promotion, and more are among the most frequent custom military patch and aiguillettes requests.

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Admirals Shoulder Boards

Original price was: £60.Current price is: £35.

Gendarmerie Shoulder Boards

Original price was: £100.Current price is: £40.

German Officer Shoulder Board

Original price was: £60.Current price is: £30.