A handgun holster is a uniform accessory that holds or restricts the mobility of a handgun, usually at a spot where it can be quickly removed for use. Holsters are commonly worn on the waistband or belt, although they can also be worn on other body parts.

Skylark infantry has been manufacturing pistol holsters and tactical gear for civilian and government customers for many years. Our best attribute is our craftsmanship and ongoing improvements. Our holsters are made of the highest quality materials to provide a flawless fit, keeping your gun safe and in the appropriate place when you need it.

There are numerous options for carrying your pistol in the world of holsters. Appendix carry, Outside the Waist Band, duty/battle, buttoned holster, belt-mounted, military leather holsters, armor mounted, and drop-leg holsters are all options. We, at skylark infantry, offer you different types of holsters. Depending on your goal, locale, body type, gear selection, and layout, each of our holster alternatives has a place in the world. 

Do you understand why you’re employing a holster and how to hold it properly? Are there any other solutions that would be a better fit for you? Well, we can help you with this as well. We offer customized military shoulder holsters, caps, shoulder boards, etc. that will fit perfectly and make you look more sophisticated. Our holster provides excellent concealment, comfort, protection, and durability, thanks to its slim profile and easily adjustable retention pressure and carries angle.

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Brown Leather Astra Holster

Original price was: £100.Current price is: £45.

condor holster manufacturer

Original price was: £80.Current price is: £40.

Condor Vertical Shoulder holster

Original price was: £200.Current price is: £150.

Leather Victory Revolver Holster

Original price was: £100.Current price is: £50.

P-38 Hard Shell Holster

Original price was: £80.Current price is: £45.

Rothco Undercover Shoulder Holster

Original price was: £200.Current price is: £150.

US M1912 Brown Leather Belt Set

Original price was: £200.Current price is: £150.