Depending on the situation that soldiers are in, we at skylark infantry offer numerous designs of military headgear on our website. 

Our military field caps and side caps helmets can be used to protect the head during combat. We also have military ball caps made of cotton or other light fabrics soldiers wear while performing administrative responsibilities. If you want military hats for your children, we can make customized hats of your choice. You can have hats that have quirky designs such as alphabets, letters, numbers, and even animals on them, that your children will enjoy.

Military field caps offer better protection than other military caps. They cover more than visors since they feature a full top; obviously, one wants a sunburned scalp, after all. A hat, rather than a visor, keeps short hair in place better. Short hair is less likely to move around because the cap is fully covered. You can keep cool by putting ice or cold water in your cap at an aid station. Our sophisticated and versatile field caps can provide sun protection for your face.

We assure you that not a single drop of sweat will drip over your face if you wear our field caps. Also, we can attach embroidered badges to your hats if you want to!

At skylark infantry, we offer your military jackets and coats, field caps, etc., that will keep you toasty throughout the year. We carry genuine military field caps, visor caps, side caps, and more that look and feel just like the real thing. To see the large range of military outerwear, visit our website now or stop by the store.

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German M44 Dot Camouflage Field Cap

Original price was: £85.Current price is: £35.

German WWII Field Cap Reproduction

Original price was: £85.Current price is: £35.