Tired of using heavy rough chains or wire military chain slings to wear that could cause damage? This is no longer an issue; at skylark infantry, we produce polyester lifting slings created to lift objects, specifically armor in the military, where surface damage would be unconscionable, such as things with freshly produced painted surfaces. The soft polyester relieves pressure and serious harm to surfaces, guaranteeing goods remain in excellent condition while being transported. Another significant advantage of soft slings over chains and wire rope is the significant reduction in the sling’s real weight. 

From the beginning, Skylark infantry has been delivering slings, caps to a variety of sectors with great success. All of our arm slings are compliant with the current requirements of the users and come with declarations of conformity. Every one of our polyester webbing and round slings comes with a visible label that includes the serial number, date of production, safe operating load limits, and sling specs. 

We’ve participated in several large tenders for the production of slings and straps in the past. Also, we are currently working with different manufacturers to deliver the highest quality products, including shoulder boards, lanyards, etc., to users while adhering to all industry standards. We also can produce large volumes on short notice.


Slings should be updated every four years, according to many lifting groups. Accidents are the last thing you want to happen at work, so take the appropriate precautions and inspect your slings before each use.

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Green Webbing Sling Polish

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M1 Garand Cotton Sling Black

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M1 Garand Cotton Sling Khaki

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Sten Gun Sling

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webbing slings

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