Skylark infantry aims to provide quality material to its customers to preserve their honor and dignity in society. Skylark infantry features four different types of military shoulder cords Aiguillette, depending upon the rank or position of the officer.

The Military Aiguillette and other civil war uniform accessories made from synthetic gold wire cord is worn by senior officers, i.e., field marshals or the members of the royal family

The Board aiguillette made from gold or crimson differs slightly depending on whether it is worn by the army, Navy, or RAF. The military members of Defence exclusively wear them on the left side of their shoulders.

The staff aiguillette made from gold or crimson, with royal or sky blue cords, are worn by military assistance and aids-de-camp

The fourth type of aiguillettes is made from silver and is usually worn by lance corporals.

Skylark infantry allows you to add customized features to their products, i.e., aiguillettes, epaulets, and rosette suppliers. Out of various models and designs, you can choose the material and style as per your requirements. Their signature style consists of hand embroidery and Exquisite braided aiguillette made from gold bullion wire cord with long tapered metal tips topped with netted bullion mesh balls.

The versatile aiguillettes are tailored as per the measurements of your chest and shoulders. If there are any issues with the final product, we can replace the product within 2 weeks.

The prices of military bagpipes and accessories may look high at first sight, but once the fine quality of the metal, the possibility of precise customization, and the nostalgic value are considered, the payment seems justified.

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Aiguillette with Metal Tips, Gold and Silver

Original price was: £45.Current price is: £35.


Original price was: £45.Current price is: £35.

Gold & Red russian army aiguillette

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Military uniform aiguillette

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Navy Uniform Dress Aiguillette

Original price was: £45.Current price is: £35.